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That Time I Pulled My Uterus…(And Why We Need to Squat)

Yeah, it can happen!

A few short years ago, I was getting frequent abdominal pain. I thought I was having recurring UTI’s, only I don’t do anything that would give me recurring UTI’s. I drink a lot of fluids, don’t wear tight clothing, don’t use perfumey soaps, don’t really take baths, and so on. So, I would get this pain and either go to Urgent Care or to my doctor. Even though the test would come back negative, because of the pain they would still give me antibiotics.I don’t take medicine, really, at all. But, since this problem had come up multiple times over the course of about a year, I didn’t know what else to do.

It was springtime and like I said, I had been dealing with this pain off and on for about a year. The final time this happened, I had been seated and kind of jumped up, felt a pull, and was left in a lot of pain. Like the kind of pain that leaves you hunched over. I made an appointment with my Gynecologist, where they checked everything. EVERYTHING. No UTI, no other infections, but she did note that my muscles were very tight. I felt frustrated and kind of like an idiot, still with no answers.

I, then, made an appointment with my regular doctor, and when I went in the first question that I asked him was, “Is it possible to pull your uterus?” Yes, yes it is. I finally figured out that this is what had been happening over the course of that year. I had been straining and pulling my pelvic floor muscles to the point of pain. And this last time I had done it, it took months to feel better and get to the point I didn’t have to stand or sit carefully.

Now, I don’t do anything super strenuous. I’m not into acrobatics or anything like that and I’m typically a very cautious person, by nature. Plus, if you’ve read about my health journey then you know my level of exercise is low, to non-existent, but I’ve always been fairly active in daily life, even without “exercise”. So, this got me thinking, “How is this possible?”, “Why, are these muscles so weak that getting up too quickly, a sneeze, a cough, or a wrong turn, can cause so much pain?”

I started doing some research and found some information worthy of sharing, and this is also why I’ve decided to share my slightly ridiculous, (and a little embarrassing) story.

We don’t use our muscles properly. I’m mostly speaking to women, but this can apply to men also.

We were made to squat. I know. That doesn’t sound pretty, but it’s true. God made our bodies to eliminate toxins (that’s the best I could do) by squatting.

“5 Reasons To Full Squat”

In other cultures this is still a common practice. In fact, I was surprised to find out that even the elderly do this. I guess this came as a surprise because (at that time) I could barely squat. Sad, but true. Now, I know that there are people out there that are very physically active and in great shape. Maybe they can even get in the squat position easily, but are they doing it several times a day (as frequently as you would use the restroom). Are they making it a habit? I don’t know. But for those that are in great physical shape, and for the rest of us that may be barely able to get in the squat position, we have hope. We have hope, because now we have the knowledge of what we need to be doing.

Why Squatting Is So Important (Plus Tips on How To Do It Right)

So here are some things that I’ve done to improve my pelvic floor muscles, and some things you can do too.

  1. I purchased a Squatty Potty (affiliate). It took a little while to get used to, but it has helped a lot, and now I can’t imagine not using it.
  2. I started doing deep squats. Not with any weights (obviously) but just staying in that position as long as I could. Here is a good video for beginners. I’ve also used “the pole technique” as described in the video, but used a door and grabbed onto both door knobs instead of using a pole.
  3. I stopped doing Kegels. You can find out more about that here.
  4. Walking. Seems easy enough. Read more here. (I’ve read that using a treadmill doesn’t count when wanting to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, because you aren’t “pushing off” the same as you do when you walk naturally, but couldn’t find that article – so, I personally, just skip the treadmill).

The benefits I’ve noticed.

  1. Well, the main benefit has been that I haven’t pulled my uterus (or any other parts) since I started doing these things.
  2. I’ve never really had a problem with incontinence and I still don’t (even as I get older). I only mention this because it seems so common in women my age and I think this is one of the major reasons (lack of squatting).
  3. I don’t get constipated like I used to. This includes both my change in diet and using the Squatty Potty.
  4. I can do a deep squat without falling over. Probably not as well as some elderly people in other countries, but I’m going to continue to work on it.

There is some great information in this article: “Health Benefits of Natural Squatting Position”

*Disclaimer* This is my personal experience. I’m not a doctor or a trained medical professional. If you have pain, then go see your doctor. I just want people to be aware that our bodies are affected by many different things, and sometimes we can eliminate a problem by simply squatting, the way God intended us to. (Do you see what I did there? 😉 )

For additional information: Here is a list of Squatting Links.

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