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Reflections on a Year of Blogging

It’s not what I thought it would be, but it is satisfying.

That is how I feel about my first year of blogging. A little over a year ago, I committed to the Lord and to myself, to blog for one year. I didn’t really know what that would look like or what the outcome would be, but I went ahead anyway. In the beginning, I would have break-downs every other day, asking myself “Who do you think you are?” and “Why do you think anyone cares about anything you have to say?” Truthfully, I didn’t know the answer to those two questions then, and I still don’t. I only know that I felt compelled to move forward and keep writing, keep sharing, and keep seeking the Lord in all things.

I have never really written before. I journaled sporadically during my teen years. I wrote letters and emails to friends and family, and wrote lengthy Facebook posts, but that was the extent of my writing. I always enjoyed literature in school and have a love for words and understanding their meaning, and that’s it. I have grown a lot over the last year as a writer, reading several books about writing and grammar, asking for people’s critiques of my writing, and pouring over what I’ve written to make sure it is comprehensible. Even now, only a year later, I read through some of my old posts and cringe a little. I decided to leave them though, for the most part (I’ve made some minor edits). It’s my journey in writing and I like having a record of improvement.

I thought I might run out of things to say, but at this point, I think that’s impossible. But sharing only things that are helpful, encouraging, and admonishing, and not just my random thoughts, can be a challenge. I thought the main focus of this blog would be chronic illness, but it hasn’t been and I am pleased with the direction it has taken.

Encouraging and admonishing the perseverance of the saints is not very popular, I’ve learned. I could have stuck with popular topics, health and nutrition, reviews, etc, but that is not what I was inspired to write.  I would have been much more successful in subscribers and followers had I stuck with a mainstream theme. Instead, I’ve written what’s been on my heart and my likes and following’s have waned. I’ve had to ask myself numerous times if this is something I should be investing in, but at the end of the day, I feel this is where I’m supposed to be.

Sometimes we are called to do things we don’t understand. And if we are acting in obedience, we do them anyway. Starting a blog was something that I was thinking on for the last couple of years, and finally I took the leap and did it. It’s not how I thought it was going to be, not in the reaction, not in what I shared, and not in the results. It has been fulfilling and satisfying in a way I didn’t know it could be. Even when toiling over a particular article or post, it has challenged and stretched me to be more prayerful, dig deeper, and know more. More of God, and more of his Word.

Where am I headed next with this blog? Great question! I would like to know too. Right now, I take one step at a time, and that’s the extent of what I’m able to see. Sure, I have some ideas, but “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9) There have been so many changes over the last year in almost every area of my life; I’m trying to find a new groove, and I’m not quite sure what that is. But, I know in whatever situation I am in, if I have abundance or am in need (Philippians 4:12), I cannot only be content, but I can also be productive in what the Lord has called me to. And I do believe that this blog is one of the things he’s called me to. I don’t know about the frequency of articles, but I keep it as a priority in my life. And I am glad for it 🙂

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