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My Hairprint Review

I was looking for a non-toxic hair color for a long time. I was not interested in trying henna, as it’s only semi-permanent. And I had tried less offensive, semi-permanent color like Natural Instincts. I then resorted to just getting it done by a stylist, which I didn’t like the idea of, but I did like the results, even just temporarily. What has happened every time I’ve used color or had my hair colored professionally is that eventually it turns out brassy. It grows out and lightens in the sun and turns a kind of orangey, reddish hue, that I don’t care for. Worse than that, I know I’m putting toxic chemicals on my scalp that leach into my body every time I use them, and since I mainly try to use natural or organic products on my skin, I hated that there weren’t any viable options for hair color. Until last summer, when I discovered a product called Hairprint through another blogger.

So, last September I tried it and I liked the outcome. I just recently colored it again, so I thought I would write a review and share my experience using it.

The first time I tried it. I had, in total (that I noticed), about seven gray hairs. Over the course of the last several months I’ve noticed my number of gray hair has doubled. And as I speed toward my next birthday (just a couple of weeks away) I do not want to add to my aging by having more gray hair than necessary. Hairprint, along with being non-toxic, is supposed to cover gray hair. So, I wanted to make sure that it actually worked for me.

Before Hairprint, the grays


My conclusion? Yes, for the most part it covers the grays.


It’s natural and non toxic, using science.

It restores naturally occurring pigment to your hair shaft.

No disgusting smell or burning sensation (that typically happens when I get my hair colored).

The color is lovely and is determined by your own hair, it has variations in color like your natural color does.

If you don’t have gray hair they have Restore which gives vibrant color and makes hair healthier.

It costs more than a store-bought box, but less than getting it professionally done.

It covers gray hair, for the most part (I’ll explain more).

As it grows out it doesn’t turn brassy (which I love).


It only comes in two colors currently (brown and black)

It may not completely cover all gray (depending on various factors which you can read here).

It’s messy, and time-consuming (but no more time than you would spend in a salon).

The Process

How it arrives.
Brown is my color.

Making sure you have everything before you start is absolutely necessary. The instructions are very thorough, plus they have an online video that takes you through the process. Watch the video and read through all the instructions before you start. Also, have a couple extra old towels on hand, and a couple damp rags. You need a glass bowl and a timer (I used my phone). Cover the counter top before you start too.

The set up.

Once you start, the process goes quickly, but does take a full hour and a half to complete. After you’ve done the initial hair wash (included in the kit), the next three steps take about 20-25 minutes each. 5 minutes to mix and apply, 15 minutes to leave on, and 2-3 minutes to rinse clear. I just reset the timer for each step and let it run through (the 20-25 minutes) until I was done with that particular step. So, if it took me 4 minutes to apply all the color, I would wait 15 minutes until the timer said 19 minutes, before I started rinsing. This way I didn’t have to keep starting and stopping the timer.


Step 1 and Step 2 are the same. They start out bright red and turn black.


Step 1 and Step 2. They are black, but this is not your final color, so don’t be afraid.


In the video, they show you relaxing and sipping tea while waiting for the 15 minutes each process takes. Ha! Nope. I spent at least half this time cleaning. Going to rinse the bowl and application tool, wiping around my face and neck to get excess product off of my skin, and wiping up all the splatter from putting the mix on in a hurried fashion. It is messy, that’s why I suggest having extra, damp rags lying around for a quicker clean-up. If you have someone to help you apply the steps, even better (and probably a lot less messy!).

The Final Results



You can still see 1 or 2 gray hairs, but definitely not the 15 I had before. The ones that I can see are hardly noticeable.  I’m not sure how it works for more salt and pepper colored hair, or as my hair continues to gray, but I don’t really mind that, and it is generally expected as we get older. If I can do things naturally that can help prevent, or delay the process of graying, I will do that (and this seems to be it). Since my natural color tends to be kind of mousey and often brassy (especially if I’ve used traditional hair colors or from the sun), Hairprint has been a great way for me to add health, richness, and vibrance to my hair in a natural way. I will continue to use it. What do you think?




I came across this Hairprint review, and not only is it very funny, but she has quite a bit of gray to cover. She ends up using 2 Hairprint treatments initially to cover all the gray, with excellent results.

An Update – March 2017

I thought I would add a quick update as Hairprint has streamlined some of the process making it a little quicker. Instead of rinsing out your hair after applying the step 1 mix, you just pull off any excess mixture (if there is any excess) and apply step 2 right on top. This eliminates about 10 minutes of rinsing your hair (I’ll take it). What I’ve also noticed, as my gray hair has increased (slightly) over the last year, is that even the gray hair that is not completely covered by the color, is less wiry and more manageable than it was previously. It is closer in texture to what it was before it turned gray, and therefore, blends more easily with the rest of my hair (instead of having random gray hairs, out of control 🙂  ).

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10 thoughts on “My Hairprint Review

  1. My friend tried it but it did not cover her gray hair but her hair looked healthy .
    I want to try it but she told me how hard it was to do each step.
    I heard that using hair print eventually would mean no gray hair. Is this true.
    How many times and how often one should use to see the result.
    Can someone write it this is true

    1. Hello Amanda, I think as long as you have a system and everything in place when you start, then it’s no harder than using regular hair color (from a box), it just takes longer. As far as how much gray it covers, it depends on how much you have to start. I (just) linked an article at the bottom of this page that I found very helpful for people who have more gray to cover than I do. I haven’t noticed any of my hair that was colored by Hairprint turn back to gray, but have noticed the new growth with gray in it (plus the few strands that were not covered initially), but I didn’t have a lot to start with. I’m only doing it every couple months right now, but depending on how quickly your hair grows and the amount of gray, you would probably need to do it more frequently (6 weeks is a common length of time for hair regrowth and color). I hope this answers your question.

    1. You are welcome. I love your review! It’s very helpful about covering gray, I totally agree about red (and am so thankful Hairprint doesn’t do that), and it also made me laugh, which is always good 🙂

  2. How often do you use Hairprint? I have the same exact issue as you with my hair turning a bronze color from the sun. I stopped dying it since months ago (to reduce toxic load) but am thinking about doing this. It’s just much more costly than the $10 I used to spend on hair dye.

    1. I have been using it about 2-3 times a year. If I had more gray, I would probably do it more often (for vanity’s sake 😮 ). I know it is more costly than what you can buy at the store, but it’s cheaper than the hair salon, and far less toxic (which is why I use it). Sometimes they have coupon codes you can use, so you could keep an eye out for that too. (I did a quick search for hairprint coupons and found a couple different ones).

  3. I am thinking about using hairprint and have a question for you! Did you cover your color treated length with something like cocoa butter like they recommend or just go for it and cover your entire length with it? Also, did you use brown or light brown? Thanks!

    1. I did not cover my color treated hair before the first time I used Hairprint, but it had also been about 5 months since I had had my hair color treated. If it’s been a shorter time than that, I would follow their instructions-especially if it’s a much lighter color. When I first started using Hairprint (and every time except the last time I used it in February) they’ve only had the two colors brown and black, and I always went with brown. Last time I went with the Dark and I think next time I’ll go with the regular brown (not the light). Each time though, regardless of color, it lightens up aftere the first few washes and still keeps the grays covered. I hope this answers your questions 🙂

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