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Let’s Make Marshmallows

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One of my favorite things to make and to eat is marshmallows. I had never made them until a couple of years ago, when I came across a post by The Urban Poser. She had very specific instructions and even a video, which gave me the confidence to try to make them myself. And… I had success! Yes. They turned out well, and I made them again and again and again.

Some things you will need before starting are:

Candy thermometer
Parchment paper
Honey (buy local honey if it’s available)
Maple Syrup (*note I use half honey, half maple syrup every time I make marshmallows- I think that combination is the best flavor)
Gelatin (you can use Knox’s gelatin from the store, but it’s actually cheaper and healthier to buy this brand in bulk)
Vanilla extract
Tapioca Starch or Arrowroot flour (for coating and avoiding stickiness)
Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (not absolutely necessary, but I love the addition of chocolate)

Click here for the recipe and the video tutorial.

The Ingredients


The Process

Waiting for the right temp.   The mixing begins.

Done mixing.   Ready to fill with marshmallow.


One of the reasons I love them so much is because they are very allergy friendly. Meaning that there’s only a few ingredients involved in making them and none of the ingredients are high on the lists of common allergens. They are a great desert to bring to someone’s house or a potluck, as they are very portable. I have done this many times.

I also love marshmallows because they are so versatile. You can do all types of combinations that are delicious and fun. I love dipping them in chocolate or adding different coatings to them.

Some of the different kinds of marshmallows I’ve made are:

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows– Same basic recipe, but replaced the vanilla extract with vanilla bean paste. Let them set for recommended time, then cut them in squares and place on pieces of chocolate.

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow
Vanilla Bean Marshmallow

Smore’s Marshmallows – Consists of a layer of gluten-free graham cracker crumbs, marshmallow put on top of the crumb layer, and melted chocolate swirled on top of marshmallow, before it sets. Let set for recommended time (about 4 hours), and cut into cubes.

Wine (Boozy) Marshmallows – Same basic marshmallow recipe with just a few changes. Recipe is here. I made a double batch of marshmallows, in a thinner layer, let them set, then used heart shaped cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Last, I dipped the bottom half in melted chocolate. So good!

Regular Marshmallows sprinkled with chocolate chips. Nothing fancy and pretty self-explanatory. You can use tapioca or arrowroot starch to help make them easier to cut and handle. You can use cocoa powder or shredded coconut, which makes for interesting colors and textures. You can also use dehydrated/freeze-dried fruits, made into a powder using a spice or coffee grinder, and add the fruit powder to the marshmallow filling right  before you’re done mixing it.

Orange chocolate Marshmallows -this I’ve been meaning to try to was going to make them for this post, but forgot to get an orange. I think I’ll make them similarly to the above Wine Marshmallow recipe, but replace it with orange juice and will probably add a little orange extract in place of the vanilla extract, and some orange zest too. Then let them set, cut them (or use cookie cutters) and dip them in melted chocolate. I love the combo of orange and chocolate and marshmallows. Yum!

What are some of your marshmallow combination ideas? I’m interested in trying new ones. If you haven’t tried making marshmallows yet, I encourage you to try it. You might like it!

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